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La galerie
Jacques Barrère

Walking around the left bank of the Seine,
the Louvre will come into your sight in
just a few minutes.

The Jacques Barrère gallery has been located on Rue Mazarine for over three decades.
From here, a number of Asian artworks had been included in major museums around the world.
Musee Guimet and the Cernuschi museum (Paris, France), the Shanghai museum (China),
the Miho museum (Japan), Canberra National museum (Australia) and the Louvre Abu Dhabi
(United Arab Emirates), to name a few.

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Biennale Paris 2018

8 - 18 SEPT 2018

Biennale Paris 2018
Les visages du Bouddha
Grand Palais
Avenue Winston Churchill
75008 Paris, France

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THE EYE OF SHIVA This beautiful Shiva from Indonesia (4th – 5th Century), created out of volcanic stone, can be identified by the third eye on it’s forehead. To prevent catastrophe fire would emerge from his third eye to recreate light and order – saving the world from destruction. For more information on this powerful shiva contact us at

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The combinasion of Asian ancient art and contemporary design never gets old…Let yourself be inspired by the beautiful Sakyamuni Buddha. Contact us at to book your appointment ✨

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Come to peace with this santal wood Sakyamuni Buddha. This depiction of Buddha symbolizes the beginning of the Kamakura period which celebrates the renaissance of Japanese Buddhist statuary. The style is inspired by that of the 7th century, using the Yosegi-Zukuri technique. For more information, contact us at

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A beautiful and hieracic Buddha from the Northern Qi Dynasty, China, once with hands raised in abhaya-mudra – the gesture of fearlessness and the varada-mudra the gesture of offering, will carry over his message in any environment...

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We are open ! Enrich your mind with the beauty of Asian Art and pay us a visit in 36 rue Mazarine,Paris.

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A true masterpiece of the Cambodian Post Bayon period (13th-14th Century). This sandstone sculpture shows Buddha in deep meditation while keeping a delicate smile on his face.... To find out more, contact us at

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