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La galerie
Jacques Barrère

Walking around the left bank of the Seine,
the Louvre will come into your sight in
just a few minutes.

The Jacques Barrère gallery has been located on Rue Mazarine for over three decades.
From here, a number of Asian artworks had been included in major museums around the world.
Musee Guimet and the Cernuschi museum (Paris, France), the Shanghai museum (China),
the Miho museum (Japan), Canberra National museum (Australia) and the Louvre Abu Dhabi
(United Arab Emirates), to name a few.

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Dreams And Buddhist Smiles

15 JANVIER - 25 FEVRIER 2022

Dreams And Buddhist Smiles
Oil Paintings by Anle Chen
Apt 28 B and C Corona Tower 93 Caine Road Hong Kong
By appointment

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. BURNING DESIRE The Foo dog, also known as a Chinese guardian lion, was believed to hold powerful and protective properties. This beautiful bronze from the Qing dynasty was used to burn incense. To find out more, contact us at #galeriejacquesbarrere #galerie #art #galerieart #artoftheday #artgallery #antiquites #asianart #artgram #artlover #artworld #interiordesign #interior #fineartasia

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. ATLAS Atlas was the Titan god who carried the world on his shoulders and personified the quality of endurance. In this beautiful Greco-Buddhist piece of Gandhara art his strength is clearly visible. Find out more about by contacting us at #galeriejacquesbarrere #galerie #art #galerieart #artoftheday #artgallery #antiquites #asianart #artgram #artlover #artworld #interiordesign #interior #fineartasia

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. THE POWER OF THE NAGA This 14th century Buddha is being protected by the naga, a cobra like animal. According to the ancient Khmer tradition, the balance of the society was based on the correspondence between the feminine element, water, and the masculine element, earth. The naga is the symbolic embodiment of this union, being both male and female, and can live both on land and under water… For more information, do not hesitate to contact us at

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Galerie Jacques Barrère wishes everyone a wonderful new year, filled with luck, compasion and joy. We are hoping to welcome you to the gallery soon.

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. ETERNAL FLAME This Thai Buddha from the 15th century shows all the characteristics of the school of U-Thong: his facial features are both solemn and hieratic, accentuating his expression. Small curls adorn the Buddha’s head with a conical ushnisha and a flame that adorn the ensemble. To find out more, contact us at

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Galerie Jacques Barrère wishes everyone a wonderful Christmas and happy Holidays! We are looking forward to welcome you back in 2022 🙏🏼✨

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